I believe your choice of photographer is important and I understand just how important, and take that responsibility very seriously!

Photography was always my first love! My photography career started in the early 70’s when I photographed diners at Brisbane’s then classiest establishments. I would take the photos, race back to the darkroom to develop them, put them in a folder and deliver them back to the table before dinner was over. That proved to be the learning platform for working quickly, efficiently and getting it right in the camera. After a successful corporate career, 16 years ago I returned to my first love and established my photography business.

I believe your choice of photographer is important and I understand just how important, and take that responsibility very seriously! It starts with knowing that Photography2envy is a full-time, registered and insured business that has been operating for many years. Nothing is outsourced and the work you see is that of the photographer who will photograph your job – me!

So what happens first? It’s that all-important initial meeting where you meet, & get to know me. I’ll take care to consider your unique needs & answer any questions you might have. You’ll see relevant samples of my work, be walked through your contract & be provided with information to help in the decision making process. Once you decide upon contracting me as your photographer, a formal contract will be signed, deposit paid & planning commenced.

As the day of your photography shoot approaches, I will prepare a running sheet to ensure that things run smoothly and no required shots are missed.

On the day, I’ll arrive early, properly prepared, with professional equipment (including back-up camera body & a wide range of professional lenses & portable studio lighting as required). My easy-going nature will ensure a stress-free experience for everyone. I’ll take time to consider the needs of others and have a knack for making everyone feel comfortable. Because I’ve alway hated having my photo taken and know that if I’m relaxed it works out so much better, I understand the importance of making you feel comfortable and relaxed. It helps that I do stand-up comedy in my spare time, but while I can be pretty damn funny & will make sure you have a great time at your shoot, I take my work very seriously. It also helps that I get along great with most people - even ex husbands and corporate giants! And I’d need to because I’ve had to deal with both!

I’ll work my way through the shot list in a methodical and pain-free manner and then, when it’s all over, you can expect to have edited images within 3 weeks of your event. Of course, for head or product shoots, we are able to work to much shorter deadlines, often having the images in your hands within a couple of days.

​It really couldn’t be any easier! All you’ve got to do is get in touch to arrange that initial meeting.