Well, how DO you know if you should include pets in your wedding day?

September 14, 2022

Brisbane based wedding Photographer, Eve Wheeler from Photography2envy, works hard to provide you with the perfect wedding day photography experience. ​

But, weddings aren’t only about the photography. Some of my favourite weddings have included the pets of the Bride & Groom, but including them is not without its’ difficulties. Today I’m providing some questions to help you decide if you should include your pets in your wedding day.

Question 1: is your pet going to be comfortable and relaxed with a group of strangers?

Question 2: how long do you want your pet there - the ceremony? for wedding photos?

Question 3: how will the pets be transported to and from the wedding?

Question 4: can you assign someone to look after the pets during your ceremony?

Question 5: will that someone be able to control the pet if they become over-excited?

Question 6: will there be water and treats to encourage good behaviour?

Question 7: who will be responsible for cleaning up after the pet if requiring toileting?

Question 8: do you need extra flowers or decoration for your pet?

Question 9: will the venue allow the pet to be present?

Hopefully just answering these few questions will help you decide if your fur baby will make a positive addition to your perfect wedding day.





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