What to Wear: The Style Guide

February 7, 2019

Brisbane based Photographer, Eve Wheeler from Photography2envy, works hard to provide you with the perfect  photography experience.  Whether it’s a family shoot or you need a headshot for your professional pages, I love to capture your real personality.  In my last blog about preparing for a portrait shoot I said I’d talk about what to wear, so today’s blog is all about that.  

What to Wear: The Style Guide

Choosing what you wear to your portrait session is kind of a big deal. I mean, these pictures are going to be around for a while. Still, you shouldn’t stress out about it too much. When selecting your outfits for the day, I have a few rules of thumb to follow: 

Your Style
First and foremost, these photographs are all about you. That means they should convey your personality and style preferences. If you’re earthy and casual, stick with that. If you prefer glitz and glam, play it up. It’s important to be yourself during your session, so wear something that reflects you. Word to the wise: If you wear something you’d typically never put on, you’ll probably feel uncomfortable.

Be comfortable. 
This is the most important aspect when it comes to picking out your clothes. If you’re wearing a starchy shirt or an itchy sweater or a dress that’s too tight, chances are you’re going to be pulling and tugging at yourself the entire session. Not only that, but your face will tell the story of garments gone bad if you’re anything but completely comfortable in your outfit. 

To make sure your clothes are comfortable, I suggest wearing them around the house for an entire day sometime before your session (just don’t spill anything on them, OK?). It’s also a good idea to sit and stand and do several poses in the dressing room before committing to buy.  Make sure that buttoned up garments don’t gape, fitted waists don’t bunch up around your middle and that garments are well fitting.

Be You. 
A portrait is an image that’s meant to capture you and your personality. If you normally wouldn’t wear leather leggings and a flowing blouse, I wouldn’t throw those things on for a photo session. If you want to buy something new for yourself, consider what you have in your wardrobe already and buy something that would blend into your closet seamlessly. 

Details Matter
Feel free to bring multiple accessories to play with throughout your session. We love hats, scarves, jewellery, hair clips or bands, ties, watches and anything else you can think of. These details can make your session really stand out. 

Be Bold.
You should always be you, but don’t be afraid to amp things up a bit. Consider beautiful, graphic prints, statement-piece jewellery and shoes that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.  I also recommend wearing layers — no matter the season. For example, in the summer a tank top with a sheer cardigan looks gorgeous. Spring calls for hats and blazers and silk scarves. Fall and winter lend themselves to lots of textured pieces such as cozy knitwear, fuzzy faux fur and velvet.

Pressed and Polished
A few nights before your session, lay out all the clothes you’ll wear. Make sure everything is pressed, ironed and clean. It’s also a good idea to get a quick manicure (guys, too!), trim, wax or do whatever it is you do to polish up. 

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